The music is solid all the way through Firedance and really made me shake my booty in my chair as I wrote the review. I was kept interested by the way that melody moves through the track, now leaping, now twisting and always shifting and moving. The image of flames wasn’t far from my mind as I listened and grooved. If the measure of a track’s success is how well it achieves the aims of the artist, I’d say that Montesque has succeeded with this single.” - Karl Magi
The composer Montesque released the second single, transforming music into a journey through the sparkling ocean of imagination. The song “It’s Like A Telephone Singing” is an unusual merger of the melodic space age pop and the rhythmic pulsation of synth-pop. Starting at 0:24, a cloudy percussion and a silk electric piano are pleasantly clinging to each other and to you, building a platform that takes the song away from the realm of everyday stale electronic music. And after that, for 5 minutes, you’re being teleported to an amazing, euphoric space fueled with vibrating funk electricity, Morricone’s quanta, retrofuturistic novels of Francis Carsac and Robert Sheckley, and the groove of sexploitation movie soundtracks. You keep on being immersed in these sound sweeteners for quite a while, and life seems endless.” - Grotesqualizer